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Accountancy Program like MACC is a tough course yet a rewarding career.

Are you organized, dedicated, precise, and detail-oriented? Are these your natural characteristics? Do you like numbers and working in a business sector? Do you like challenges and decision-making? Are you ready for a busy job that involves auditing and finances? Is bookkeeping and banking your favorite things to do? You might be wondering why there are so many questions asked here. Well, these questions serve as a checklist for you to consider undertaking Accountancy Program.

Accountancy Program – Master of Accountancy

College of Business Administration programs offer master of accountancy. Program in accounting are professional graduate programs that are specifically designed for students who want to earn their MBA in accounting. If you are interested to work in a private or public sector or in an organization, then you should consider this program. Most of the business industries today require certified public accountant or CPA who will be responsible in preparing tax returns for various types of businesses, from small business to corporations, or even for self-employed individuals. Most accountants may fulfil a wide range of duties and responsibilities in organizations around the world. To name a few, there’s auditing, bookkeeping, payroll, and managing finances. From the sound of it, accounting is a tough job yet a very rewarding career.

Accountancy Program – MBA

MBA in Accountancy program requires students to do a full-time study. It is an intense one-year academic program for undergraduate who are wishing to earn their master’s degree and to become an efficient certified public accountant in their company.

An interested applicant needs to have accomplished necessary documents as completion for the school requirements. Students should have finished introductory or basic courses in financial and managerial accounting and statistics from an accredited school of accountancy. There might be an additional requirement that will be dependent on the individual. Some applicants or students may be required to improve core competencies before the program starts.

Accountancy program also provides the opportunity for an intensive internship that will help each student to get used to the actual working environment. This is a great opportunity to demonstrate the relevant skills that you have obtained through your courses. It is also a chance for you to show your enthusiasm and eagerness to work as an accountant. Most of the time, employers hire the people who have worked in their companies as a trainee. Students are very fortunate that a business organization sees their potentials and absorbed them to the company as their employee.

Master of Accountancy or MACC program is an extension of learning who already gained their bachelor’s program in accounting. However, the program is not limited to accounting graduates. Anyone who completed the admission requirements of the school regardless of their program or major can apply and enroll for the program.

The department of accounting provides students with guidance and support services for students who are in need of them. These services are offered to students for free. Most universities today believe in the power of good relationship between the learner and the teacher.

Masters of Science in Accountancy Program includes courses such as internal controls, financial analysis and reporting, budgeting, financial and managerial accounting, and taxation. It also includes information systems and internal and external auditing.

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