Accounting Degree Programs

Accounting is a very diverse field of study with a vast opportunity for employment. This article highlights the importance of Accounting Degree Programs for bright job prospects.

A successful career as an accountant starts with identifying what type of accountant you want to become. Once a decision is reached it would be easier to choose from the different accounting degree programs available.

Accounting Degree Programs – Fields

To help you decide which accounting degree program to choose, you need to determine what type of accountant you want to become. A Public Accountant performs a broad range of accounting. Management Accountants record and analyze the financial records of the companies they work for a provide financial advise to company executives. Government Accountants work in the public sector maintaining and examining government records and conducting audits of the financial records of private companies.

Internal Auditors usually work for corporations and they are responsible in ensuring that the financial records of the corporation are accurate and free of fraudulent transactions. Under Public Accounting, a new breed of accountants was born after the enactment of a new Anti-Fraud Law in the US. They are called Forensic Accountants and they usually work with the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) and are in charge of investigating and interpreting white-collar crimes such as securities fraud, embezzlement bankruptcies, and other complex and possibly criminal transactions like money laundering.

Accounting Degree Programs – Degrees

If you have decided which field of accounting you want to specialize in, the next question you need to answer is: “which among the accounting degree programs available should you enroll in?” The degrees in accounting are: Associate Degree in Accounting, Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, Certificate in Accounting, Master’s Degree in Accounting, and a Doctoral Degree in Accounting. An Associate Degree in Accounting prepares a student to transition to a bachelor’s degree. Usually this takes 12 to 24 months to finish and offers basic mathematical and accounting courses. A common associate degree program is the Associate in Arts in Accounting, which is offered in both online and traditional schools. A Bachelors Degree in Accounting is a primary requirement if you are to find work as an accountant. This usually includes becoming a Certified Public Accountant upon graduation. Some schools offer a Bachelor of Science In Accounting program or a Bachelor of Arts in Accounting program.

Others offer a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration Major in Accounting. A Certificate in Accounting is for individuals who do not hold a degree in accounting but wants to attain a graduate degree in the field. To earn a certificate degree you may enroll in a Diploma in Accounting program or in an Undergraduate Certificate in Accounting with emphasis in Advance Accounting. A Masters Degree in Accounting  is a graduate degree and is invaluable for one who is aiming to climb the corporate ladder by taking a managerial role. Finally, a Doctoral Degree in Accounting is perfect for those who wants a career in accounting research and in teaching accounting in universities.

Finally, now that you know which Accounting Degree Programs to choose, the only problem you need to resolve is to find a reputable school. Always bear in mind that the school you choose is very important in ensuring that you are headed towards the right path to a lucrative accounting career.

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