Accounting Schools

To succeed in the competitive world of business, one must ensure to be equipped with the right educational requirements. There are several Accounting Schools to choose.

While the traditional schools seem to be the most solid choice as they have already proven their worth, you might want to consider looking at online accounting schools as well.

Advanced technology has made it possible for accounting schools to conduct classes on the worldwide web in what is popularly known today as “virtual classrooms.” This is different from the traditional educational system as one need not be physically present in a classroom to listen to lectures, participate in the discussions, or take the examinations. Having an internet connection at home or having the capacity to log in to an internet anywhere is the only requirement for someone who wishes to enroll in online educational programs.

Accounting Schools – List

The first known online accounting school is Western Governor’s University  (WGU) which was founded in 1995 by nineteen governors of the United States. To date, WGU boasts of obtaining simultaneous accreditation from four accrediting commissions in the United States. It gained national accreditation from the Distance Education and Training Council. It was likewise the first online educational institution to receive accreditation from the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education.

Other reputable accounting schools that have gained the required accreditation are the University of Phoenix, American Intercontinental University, DeVry University, and Ashford University. University of Phoenix is the largest online privately accredited school that has over 150 campuses all across the United States. The programs it offers include Associate in Arts in Accounting, Associate in Arts in Financial Services, Bachelor of Science in Accounting, and Master’s in Business Administration in Accounting among several other associate, bachelor’s and masters degree programs.

The American Intercontinental University was founded in 1970 as a traditional school. Now it has a web-based virtual campus, an international university, whose mission is to provide quality online education. AIU offers a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration with concentration in Accounting and an MBA with concentration in Accounting and Finance.

Another accredited online accounting school is DeVry University who claims to be the leader in providing the best education towards an accounting degree and a lucrative career in the business industry. DeVry University offers an accelerated program allowing their students to finish a standard four-year degree in accounting in a matter of three years only. After graduating from DeVry, the student can enroll and get his Master’s degree while reviewing for the CPA examination with DeVry’s partners, Keller Graduate School of Management and Becker Professional Education respectively.

Ashford University is another accredited online accounting school, which offers affordable, accelerated and convenient programs. Like DeVry, Ashford offers an accelerated program allowing their students to finish their bachelor’s degree in accounting in 12 to 24 months.

Accounting Schools – Other Categories

For those who are still wary about going to online Accounting Schools, several traditional colleges and universities continue to offer accounting degree programs. In fact, most of the schools mentioned in this article have traditional campuses. In fact, for most of them, they were founded even before the advent of the internet and established web-based virtual campuses only to be more competitive.

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