Online Accounting Degree Programs

Technology has indeed changed every aspect of the world. Even schools have gone online, stepping out of the traditional classrooms and creating what we now know as “virtual classrooms” to accommodate our busy lives. There are several online schools offering a variety of courses and degree programs ranging from nursing to criminal justice and legal and even accounting. To date, there are over 150 Online Accounting Degree Programs to choose from.

Online Accounting Degree Programs – Graduate Programs

For the associate degrees, the most common online accounting degree program offered is the Associate of Business Administration – Accounting the course work of which covers fundamentals of business, management, critical thinking, project planning and implementation, business software and communication. Many schools offer concentrations in business administration such as in health care administration, human resources and information systems. Graduates of associate degree courses can qualify for positions in basic management and administration. They can also become management trainees or managers in sales and marketing companies, or as project assistants or office managers.

The most common bachelor’s degree program offered online is the Bachelor of Arts in Accounting or Bachelor of Science in Accounting. This degree prepares the student for entry-level positions in accounting firms and government financial institutions. Taking the course prepares you for a career in financial, managerial and cost accounting, tax planning, auditing, and international accounting for mergers and acquisition. Graduates of this program can pursue a career as Income Tax Accountants, Internal Auditors, Financial Procedures Analysts, or Government Contract Managers. This is also a strong foundation for becoming a Certified Public Accountant or a Certified Management Accountant.

Another popular online accounting degree program is a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration with a Specialization in Accounting. This program allows you the ability to specialize without declaring yourself an Accounting major. This will help you learn decision-making processes; gain practical experience in strategies and formats when communicating in organizational situations; learn the practical application of the various tax laws; and you also gain skills which you can immediately apply in the workplace. Graduates of this online accounting degree program are headed to a career as Cost Accounting Managers, Financial Analyst, Financial Procedures Analyst, and as Financial Business Analysts.

Online Accounting Degree Programs – Masters Programs

For graduates of accounting, you can increase your chances for promotion by taking your MBA or your Master’s in Business Administration online. This also open doors for you especially if you are looking for employment outside your country as this is a globally recognized qualification. This online accounting degree program usually takes two years to complete and helps students sharpen their critical and analytical thinking skills, as well as their leadership and problem-solving skills.

Online accounting programs are no different from traditional business educational institution. Online accounting degree programs also cover such courses as General Accounting, Cost Accounting, Financial Accounting and Reporting, Taxation, Auditing, and Accounting Information Systems. However, unlike traditional educational institutions, Online Accounting Degree Programs are taken over the internet where students attend classes in what is known today as “virtual classrooms” and discussions are done through chat, message boards, and even email correspondences.

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